Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where are your towels and socks?

I guess at this point we can all assume that I am quite the slacker! Holy cow, the summer was just too fun...but now its fall. I LOVE THE FALL! So Im in a coffee drinking (just in case you need another suggestion, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Starbucks, awesome!) typing my fingers off mood. Get ready...the blog is back! And this time as my brother would say, I will "come strong or dont come at all meatball!" Weekly posts....oh yah people, this is happening.

In the interest of full disclosure, let me say.....Hi, my name is Staci Rowenhorst and I am a news junkie. (Are there support groups for that?) I dont think my kids know there is actual TV, they think that that big box in our family room is called Fox News. I am completely out of control, I realize it, need help, cant stop, I need to be in the know. But I got to wondering today what God might do through me if I spent less time worrying about the economic crisis, and more time giving what resources I do have to Him.

Dan bought this David Crowder DVD the other day and we had so much fun watching it. Taylor dances around like a crazy person and we all sing "we'll shout it out loud from a rooftop, we wont be quiet!" We're a mess and its a blast. At one point DC explains how he asked everyone at the concert to bring towels and socks for an area shelter. They then show pictures of trucks loaded down with bags and bags of these things. Thats what I call using your platform. We all have a platform your office, in your Moms group, in your small group, even in your family. Its a simple principle, are you going to like what you reap from what you've sown???


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