Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is my story, this is my song...

This is me, at 4. They say that it renews your faith to tell your story. Heres mine...

We lived in a split foyer in Woodbridge when I was 4. My brothers shared a room and I had my own, one of the benefits of being the only girl I suppose. The stairwell to our basement had wood paneling from floor to ceiling, it was the 80's and it was awesome!

Sunday morning we went to church like always, Im sure I had a fantastic dress on much like the one in the picture and my hair was no doubt curled and teased to the high heavens; it was the 80's and it was awesome!

We did church, we came home. My little heart was so heavy all afternoon. I KNEW that I needed Jesus. I KNEW that He died for ME. At that tender little age I could feel the weight of my sin hanging around my neck. How is that possible? At 4?! It was. What could I have done at 4 to make me feel so vile? It didnt matter, the connection from my head to my heart had been made and I needed Jesus...NOW. I found my Mom in the kitchen and dragged her to our brown polyester sofa, it was the 80's and it was awesome! We prayed right then and I walked away a changed little girl! I could physically feel the weight removed! How does a 4 year old feel so much urgency? Because I was created with a need for a Savior. For 4 years my little soul had been longing to be reunited with its Creator. Whether it had been 4 or 40 years, it didnt matter, the decision was life or death and I am so thankful that in those sweet moments in that little spilt-foyer on Meadowbrook Lane, I was given LIFE!

I was bouncing off the walls. Literally! I put my hands on one side of the hall and my feet on the other and climbed my way up that wood paneled stairwell until my little hiney was touching the ceiling! As anyone passed under me I would relive the whole event in exact detail, like only a 4 year old can. Thank God for that was 1988 and it was AWESOME!